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New TextureKing Design

Posted: 02/7/2014

Well, it’s been quite some time since TextureKing last saw a little design love — well over three years. This latest iteration of the site is fully responsive so you can now view the site and free textures on your favorite device. If you happen to notice anything odd, please send me a note via email or Twitter. Thanks!

December 2013 Update: 30 New Textures Added

Posted: 12/7/2013

Again, it’s been forever since the last update, but we’ve got one now. Thirty new free textures have been added to the site for your downloading enjoyment. And we’ve decided to go even bigger than the last update. This latest batch of images are all 3000+ pixels in width — and slightly larger in file size as a result of course. Enjoy!

30 New Free Stock Textures Added

Posted: 12/14/2012

It’s been aeons since that last time this site has been updated with new textures. Hopefully, it won’t be that long until the next batch of images arrive. Today, I’ve uploaded 30 new textures ranging in topic from stone/rock to plastic to wood. Oh, and I’ve upped the dimensions of the latest batch as well. This latest batch are all 2000 pixels in width. Enjoy!

October Stock Update

Posted: 10/18/2011

Twelve new free textures have been added to the site in the wood, concrete and stone/rock categories. It’s a small update, but it’s good to have a little life on the site as well as fresh options for you to choose from. Thanks.

February Stock Photos

Posted: 02/9/2011

I’ve uploaded eight new textures this morning just to try and get back into the groove of taking pictures of interesting textures. The images range from tiled floors to leather to wood, so there’s a pretty wide array of styles in only eight uploads. Be on the look out for more new free textures as the year progresses.

TextureKing Redesign

Posted: 12/5/2010

It’s been a while in the making, but after a few years with the same design/layout, TextureKing has a new, more modern facade utilizing some CSS3 goodness (sorry older IE users, you’re experience won’t be perfect). I’ve updated the navigation so that it should be easier to use and browse across the site. I’ve also opted to use Amazon’s S3 hosting service for all the textures. Load times, appear to be ok, but if you run into any issues, please feel free to send an email or follow TextureKing on Twitter.

I’ve also been working on another round of textures. Those should be up and available in the next week or so. Thanks!

Quick Update

Posted: 08/6/2010

Man, it’s been quite some time since there has been any signs of life on TextureKing. Well, as luck would have it I’ve been pushed into action due to an attack on the site. I’ve updated the site’s version of WordPress and as a result, things may be a little wonky for a bit. It’s also given me a renewed focus on the site’s overall experience and design. Be on the look out for changes coming soon.

Ding Dong the ZIP is Dead

Posted: 09/11/2008

That’s right folks! TextureKing has finally gotten rid of the dreaded .zip file for the larger images. Now, any time you click on a thumbnail or “download” link you get to see that larger image immediately — without the extra step(s) of unzipping another file. Now, it should be easier than ever to find the right free stock texture you need. Enjoy!

TextureKing Homepage Updated

Posted: 04/10/2008

I don’t know about you, but I get tired of seeing the same “Recent Addition” stock photo on the homepage between updates. So, I’ve altered the code to randomly pull a stock photo from the repository and display it as a “Featured Texture” so you get to see a different free texture each time you come to the homepage.

18 New Free Photos

Posted: 04/10/2008

Just a quick update to the list of free stock photos. I’ve added 18 new images to the site ranging from concrete, grunge to plastics and wood. Enjoy!


Posted: 02/28/2008

It’s been some time since I’ve checked the download numbers for the site, let alone post any news at all, but I just had to let everyone one know just how astonished I am with the numbers you all have produced.

The free textures on TextureKing have been downloaded 1,013,832 times since we launched back in November of 2005. Now I know that doesn’t compare to the big boys out there, but for this little site it’s huge. Thanks and expect new stock photos in the coming weeks.

Free Texture iPhone Wallpapers

Posted: 12/3/2007

A good buddy of mine just recently launched a new site that caters to you lucky folks walking around with an iPhone in you pocket. He has crafted some high quality wallpapers that you can download for free. We were lucky enough to be able to work with him on the “Textures” section of his site — you can now get TextureKing textures on your iPhone for free!

25 New Free Textures

Posted: 10/2/2007

I’ve just added 25 new free textures to the site ranging in category from liquids to wood & plant. Work has been keeping me busy as of late, hence the really long time since the last update. Hopefully, as things settle down as we near the winter holidays I can start uploading images with more frequency.

Upgrading to WordPress 2.2

Posted: 06/8/2007

Update WordPress 2.2 has been installed and after working through a few glitches, it appears that the site is running just as smoothly as it was prior to the upgrade. Thanks again for your patience.

316,000+ Free Textures Downloaded

Posted: 04/29/2007

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve announced any stats on the number of downloads that have been going on at TextureKing. This site is only a few months pass its first birthday and already you all have downloaded the free photos 316,791 times. That number simply astounds me. More photos to come.

Updated Category Pages

Posted: 04/12/2007

Those of you who visit frequently will notice that I’ve revamped the category pages. I figured that it was time to make it easier for you all to download TextureKing’s free textures. The previous layout just didn’t present the images as well as it could have. Hopefully the new layout does a better job of this.

Feel free to contact me with any issues or further suggestions for improving the site for you all. Thanks again for visiting and keep downloading those free textures

February Free Texture Update

Posted: 02/20/2007

It’s a little late for it, but I hope everyone is having a good start to the new year. I’ve just wrapped up updating our free textures with 31 new images. The textures range in category from concrete, to ice, to wallpaper. Thanks and enjoy.

Happy Birthday TextureKing

Posted: 12/3/2006

The king of free stock textures, TextureKing, turned one year old yesterday! And to show how successful the site has been in that short time, just one day after the one year anniversary, we have also surpassed 100,000 in downloads! That just boggles my mind. Thanks to all of you that have supported TextureKing!